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Trick or Treat on Your Teeth!

Byadmin October 22, 2018

Halloween is just about here and many kids are getting their costumes ready for an evening of candy collecting as they trick or treat through their neighbourhood. A good night’s work can bring in a pirate load of sweet loot – from bubble gum, chocolate bars, candy, and chips. As sweet as sweets may be, many of these treats are more trick – high sugar content with low nutritional value. Sugar itself isn’t bad for your teeth, rather it’s certain harmful oral bacteria feeding on the sugars to create acids that destroy tooth enamel. Cavities are due to a bacterial infection created by acids, that cause your teeth to experience a hole in them. Without treatment, cavities can progress past the enamel and into the deeper layers of the tooth, causing pain and possible tooth loss. Furthermore, candy and sugary snacks can stick to braces and other mouth pieces.

All is not lost! Here are alternatives that aren’t too sweet on the teeth but very sweet to enjoy!

  • Natural fruit juice with no sugar added drinking boxes
  • Applesauce pouches
  • Fruit cups
  • Organic fruit & granola bars
  • Fruits, such as apples

Non food items such as:

  • Pocket toys like yo yos, rubix cubes
  • Glow sticks
  • Gliders
  • School stationary like pencils
  • Stickers or temporary tattoos

Be creative with alternatives to hard candies and treats overloaded with sugar – not only are they healthier, but kids can enjoy great snacks and the parents can take comfort in knowing there’s no post-snack sugar crash. It’s ok to indulge from time to time, so we recommend limiting the amount of treats eaten in a day; keep the sweets as a treat, and not a snack. This will help keep things in moderation. Keeping candy consumption in check, along with proper brushing and flossing, and regularly scheduled visits to Dr Zafiris, will ensure that your halloween treats won’t play tricks on your teeth.

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